May 2, 2022

Business Priorities that Are Driving a Need for Improved Digital Employee Experience at Their Company According to Business Decision-Makers Worldwide, March 2022 (% of respondents)


Respondents were asked, "Please rate the following business priorities that are driving a need for improved digital employee experience at your organization."


Data is from a May 2022 Forrester Consulting report titled "Optimizing Digital Employee Experience for Anywhere Work" commissioned by VMware. 537 business decision-makers worldwide were surveyed online during February-March 2022. Respondents held a director-level or higher position with responsibility for strategy, oversight, or implementation for digital employee experience (DEX). Respondents were located in the US (37%), Canada (30%), the UK (11%), France (11%), or Germany (10%) at companies with 500 or more employees for various industries.

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