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January 20, 2022

Average Time Spent per Day by US Adult Users on Leading Social Media Networks, 2022 (minutes)


Figures are rounded to the nearest minute. Digital includes all desktop/laptop, mobile, and other nonmobile connected-device activities, including video streamed through over-the-top services. Desktop/laptop includes all internet activities on desktop and laptop computers. Mobile nonvoice includes ... all activities on all mobile devices, except for voice calls on the cellular network. VoIP apps or video chat apps such as Skype are included. Other connected devices include connected TV devices such as Apple TV, Boxee, connected Blu-ray devices, connected game consoles, Google Chromecast, Roku, smart TVs, and other internet-connected devices. Digital audio (desktop/laptop and mobile) includes radio stations with professional or amateur DJs/editors selecting playlists; automated (i.e., without human editors/DJs) playlists; streamed services that create playlists based on user preferences of artists, tracks or genres; personally configured (i.e., set by the listener) playlists; music or other audio content delivered within a website or app (e.g., AM/FM online streams); or audio podcasts (streamed or downloaded). Excludes other downloaded audio files (e.g., music MP3s) and digital terrestrial and satellite radio services that are delivered over the air. Print includes offline magazines and newspapers. Radio excludes digital audio. TV includes live, DVR, and other prerecorded video such as video downloaded from the internet but saved locally. Other includes offline video gaming, cinema, out-of-home, etc.More


Estimates are based on the analysis of estimates from other research firms, consumer media consumption, company reports, and device adoption trends.

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