December 2, 2021

Services for Which Digital Small Business* Decision-Makers Worldwide Would Pay a Premium, Dec 2021 (% of respondents )


Respondents were asked, "Would you pay a premium for additional support for the following services? Select all that apply."


Data is from a December 2021 Paysafe report titled “Lost in Transaction: Finding Competitive Advantage at the Checkout” conducted by Sapio Research. The report details the results of two surveys. The first surveyed 918 payment decision-makers at online businesses in the US, the UK, Canada, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Brazil. The second examined 201 payment method decision-makers at in-store businesses in the US. Respondents to both surveys represent companies with 1-50 employees who sell mostly or only to consumers. Both surveys were conducted online using an email invitation during October 2021.

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