July 22, 2020

How Will the Change in Support for Third-Party Audience Cookies Affect the Use of Data for Data Professionals in North America? (% of respondents, May 2020)


Respondents were asked, "Google and other major browser developers have discontinued support for third-party audience cookies (or announced plans to do so). How do you expect this change will affect your use of data?”


Data is from the July 2020 Winterberry Group report titled "The State of Data 2020" in partnership with Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). 104 audience data users, suppliers and agency partners in North America who support data-driven advertising and marketing use cases were surveyed during April-May 2020. Respondents were from special interest panels consisting of IAB members and other industry thought leaders. Respondents were from companies with annual revenues of less than $1 to $49.99 million (41.3%), $50 to $999.99 million (28.8%) or over $1 billion (19.2%). In addition, dozens of in-depth interviews were conducted with senior-level marketers/media companies and practitioners representing a wide range of data, marketing service and technology providers operating in the US. Quantitative models are based on the aggregation of publicly available financial information on data product investments, public company revenues and associated financial dynamics.

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