April 15, 2020

Are US Publishers Experiencing Short-Term* Revenue Changes due to the Coronavirus Pandemic? (% of respondents, March 2020)


Data is from the April 2020 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report titled "Coronavirus: Ad Revenue Impact on Publishers & Other Sellers." 205 US sell-side advertising professionals were surveyed during April 1-8, 2020. Respondents include media platforms, programmatic companies (e.g., SSPs, ad exchanges, ad networks) and publishers at publisher media platforms (69%) and programmatic companies (31%) who identify as account executive (12%), C-level/president/EVP (34%), group publisher/publisher (3%), managing director/partner (3%) or SVP/VP/director (48%). The report also features data from a survey of 390 US agency and brand buy-side decision-makers during March 18-24, 2020. Respondents include brands, media buyers and planners at agencies (58%) or brands (42%) who are responsible for US ad spending in 2020 and who identify their job role as C-level/president/EVP (29%), manager/account executive/media planner/media buyer (24%), media consultant/media strategist (3%), SVP/VP/director (43%) or other staff (1%).

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