January 30, 2020

Effective Channels for Driving Engagements vs. Conversions According to US B2B Marketers, Jan 2020 (% of respondents)


B2B marketers in the United States were asked which channels are most effective in driving early-stage engagements vs. later-stage conversions. Channels include email, website, in-person event, search, social, phone and product demos.


Data is from the January 2020 Demand Gen Report (DGR) "Demand Generation Benchmark Study: Quality Over Quantity Takes Center Stage For Demand Marketers." 150 US B2B marketers were surveyed online during Dec 2019-Jan 2020. Respondents work in software/technology (48%), business services/consulting realm (23%) and financial services, retail, telecom and healthcare (under 5% each).