January 6, 2020

Internet Users in Select Countries Who Agree that Autonomous Vehicles Will Not Be Safe, Oct 2019 (% of respondents)


Respondents of driving age (18+) in China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea and United States were asked to what extent they agreed that autonomous vehicles (AV) will not be safe.


2018 n count: China n=1,724; Germany n=1,705; India n=1,728; Japan n=1,680, South Korea n=1,722; US n=1,730; 2019 n count: China n=1,735; Germany n=1,733; India n=1,725; Japan n=1,717, South Korea n=1,715; US n=1,720; 2020 n count: China n=2,988; Germany n=2,950; India n=2,945; Japan n=2,976, South ... Korea n=2,999; US n=2,950.More


Data is from the January 2020 Deloitte report titled "2020 Global Automotive Consumer Study." 35,000 internet users worldwide were surveyed online during September-October 2019. Respondents were of driving age (18+) and results are representative of the overall population in each market.

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