October 22, 2019

What Types of Personal Information Are Internet Users Worldwide* Willing to Share in Exchange for Benefits? (% of respondents, Aug 2019)


A global survey asked consumers what types of personal info they would be willing to share in exchange for certain benefits. The info categories include health, financial, location, browsing history, biometric and voicemail history. Potential benefits include a healthier lifestyle, saving money, ... increasing home/family safety, better efficiency/speed, financial compensation and increased personalization.More


Data is from the October 2019 PwC report titled "Are we ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?" 6,000 internet users and 1,800 corporate technology decision-makers were surveyed online in China, Germany, India, South Korea, the UK and the US during July 3-August 2, 2019. Among the consumer respondent base, a subset of 4,338 employed individuals were also asked about their experience in the workplace. In addition, 12 focus groups of 4-6 participants were conducted as well as 36 in-depth interviews among corporate technology decision-makers.

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