July 12, 2019

Attitudes Toward Celebrity/Professional Influencers Among US Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Shoppers vs. Traditional Brand* Shoppers, May 2019 (% of respondents)


US consumers of traditional and D2C brands were asked about their opinions on influencer marketing, such as the impact they have on brands, reliability of influencers' opinions.


Data is from the July 2019 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report titled "Disrupting Brand Preference: The impact of Direct Brands across the path to purchase." 3,000 US internet users ages 13+ that are aware of/engaged with direct brands were surveyed online during May 2019. Internet users ages were 13-34 (1,000), 35-50 (1,000) and 50+ (1,000). Results were weighted against US Census Bureau factors such as gender and age.

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