May 2, 2019

US Subscription Video Services Revenue Estimates, 2018


This chart shows number of subscribers, average monthly cost, annual cost, and annual subscription revenue estimates for various subscription video services. Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platforms included in this chart are Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime, CBS All Access, Starz, ... Sling TV, YouTube Premium, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue and fuboTV.More


Full citation: Cost information as cited on company websites; Netflix streaming revenues as cited in "Q4 2018 Financial Statements," Jan 16, 2019; Subscriber information as follows: Amazon as cited by Reuters, March 15, 2018; CBS All Access and Showtime as cited by Deadline and CBS press release, ... Feb 14, 2019; DirecTV Now as cited in AT&T press release, April 24, 2019; fuboTV as cited by Deadline, Oct 15, 2018; HBO Now as cited by Bloomberg, Feb 1, 2018; Hulu as cited in press release, May 1, 2019; Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV as cited by Bloomberg, March 1, 2019; Netflix as cited in "Q4 18 Financial Statements," Jan 17, 2019; Sony Playstation Vue subscriber estimates from Strategy Analytics as cited in Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), "Video Landscape Report," Dec 11, 2018; Sling TV as cited by Dish press release, Feb 13, 2019; Starz as cited by Deadline, Sep 11, 2018; YouTube Premium as cited by The Verge, Nov 2, 2016; eMarketer calculationsMore